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  • Canola meal
  • Canola meal is known for its excellent amino acid balance, with especially high levels of methionine and cystine. This is important for feeding poultry, due to their high sulfur amino acid requirements for feather growth. Pacific Coast Canola canola meal has the same amino acid balance as canola meal, with a slightly higher amino acid digestibility. Pacific Coast Canola canola meal does not undergo the same toasting that conventional canola meal undergoes, since no solvents are used, and no steam sparging of solvent is required.




    Origin : Canada and Australia seeds .


    -          Protein       : 35% min

    -          Fat              : 3% max

    -          Fiber           : 12% max

    -          Moisture     : 12% max

    -          Sand/silica  : 2% max

    -          Aflatoxin    : 50 ppb max

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