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  • Lubricants for drawing of nonferrous and aluminium wires
  • Due to the high – and daily increasing – requirements of the industry, it is evident to improve and modernise the drawing process in general but also the individual parameters influencing the process on a continuous base.

    Among the most important parameters are the drawing machine, the  wire,  the drawing dies, the drawing capstans  and the drawing lubricant

    The performance of drawing lubricant is of high importance as it needs to fullfill the below function

    - Lubrication of all frictional partners 

    - Heat absorbent  which is created due to mechanical energy transform to avoid damages of the wire, drawing capstans and dies.

    - Excellent detergent properties of the drawing lubricant guarantee that copper or tin-particles are transported to the filter unit

    - Permanent cleaning of the entire drawing lubricant circulation so that the machines are kept  clean

    - Wire protection from oxidation and discoloration .

    - Machine protection from corrosion of the iron parts

    - Long Lifetime of the emulsions or solutions

    The wire drawing lubricants of the UNOPOL and BEDRUDRAW series belong to the leading global brands in wire production and processing. Their excellent drawing performance and service life satisfy wire manufacturers all over the world. Through continuous research and development, Bechem ensures the highest level of quality and productivity for all applications in the demanding field of wire production.

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