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  • Insulation and secondary varnishes
  • Wire enamels are widely used in the production of electrical machinery, transformers and electronic systems. The conductors, usually copper or aluminium, is insulated with a thin layer of synthetic resin enamel which is highly resistant to mechanical, chemical  and thermal impact. Permanently increasing power of electrical machines and simultaneously shrinking dimensions make high requirements on thermal stability.

    Wire enamel are classified based on either (a) Chemical base, such as Polyester, Polyesterimide, Polyamide-imide, Polyurethane, etc. or (b) Thermal rating of the wire, such as Class 155, Class 200 etc. Both round and Rectangular enamelled wires are manufactured on enamelling machines in which the wire enamel is applied on annealed conductor  in multiple continuous coating system. . Subsequently the thin film of wire enamel is cured in oven at circulating air temperature between 400 and 700  o C.

    We offer full lines of insulation enamels for all thermal class from 105 to 220 or more than 220, or Modified PVF , polyurethane , polyester, polyesterrimde, solderable polyesterrimide, polyamide imide, polyimide

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